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25 March 2005: Who's cheating? (4 of 4)

First, It's plain to see that the current system significantly over-values test scores. The irony is that the test scores often don't reflect student ability or learning. I've heard it said that the only thing standardized tests scores consistently tell us is the economic status of the students.

So when a district administrator, principal, or teacher puts great value on high test scores, what will the district, school, or classroom be like? Don't expect to see lots of critical thinking and project-based learning. Test prep, test prep, test prep. Hm. Probably not the best environment for the majority of students who learn best through discussion, action, collaboration, or creation.

Beyond that, I absolutely must disagree with the way that money gets spent in this system. Does someone really believe that giving money to FOR PROFIT businesses to diagnose and enforce our educational success is a good idea? Do you have any suggestions as to how that money could be spent helping your students learn?

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