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09 March 2005: Pop Quiz (1 of 5)

Here's a little pop quiz for you. This was found in a high school social studies classroom and came to me from a colleage. First, take the quiz. Tomorrow, you can check your answers, then reflect for a moment on your life, and how it is different because you do or do not know these facts.

1) In the 1952 election, which state did Adlai Stevenson win by the largest margin?

a. Virginia

b. Missippi

c. Alabama

d. Georgia

e. Florida

2) In the 1960 election, which state did not cast its vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate?

a. Arizona

b. New Mexico

c. California

d. Mississippi

e. Florida

3) In the 1952 election, what fact explains the pattern of states carried by Stevenson?

a. Those oil-rich states tend to vote Democratic.

b. They were parts of the old Confederacy.

c. Stevenson spent most of his campaign money there.

d. New England voted Democratic.

e. Republicans cannot win in the West.

4) In the 1960 election, where did the Republicans show the most strength?

a. the West

b. the Northeast

c. the South

d. the Mississippi River valley

e. the mid-Atlantic states

5) In the 1952 election, Stevenson carried about what percentage of the 48 states?

a. about 10%

b. about 20%

c. about 30%

d. about 40%

e. about 50%

6) How much did the popular vote change in the state of Montana change[sic] from 1952 to 1960?

a. 3%

b. 6%

c. 8%

d. 9%

e. 12%

7) In the 1960 election, which state did not have a very close vote?

a. Illinois

b. California

c. Louisiana

d. Iowa

e. New Jersey

8) How much did the popular vote change in Minnesota from the 1952 to the 1960 election?

a. 4%

b. 6%

c. 8%

d. 10%

e. 12%

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