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15 February 2005: Name Calling (1 of 4)

Today I started thinking about the names we use when we're at school. I guess it started when I finally acknowledged my concious dislike for the practice of referring to other adults on campus in the same way that the students refer to us. For example, "Good morning, Mr. Wood! How are you today?" or, "What's for lunch, Miss Beck?"

I have to admit, this really bugs me. I've worked on a few campuses where this was the norm, and just one where it was not. I think it's time to delve a bit into the causes/effects of this kind of school culture.

Of course, there's four parts to this. What we call our colleagues is just the tip of the iceburg. What about our administrators? What do we call our students when we talk to or about them? And, let's not forget the importance of what we expect others to call us at school.

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