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28 January 2005: Rocks and Chalkboards (2 of 6)

Although I want to encourage you to examine the way you implement technology in your own classrooms, this article led me to reflect some on technology in the broader sense, and what it has done to and for public education.

One of the first things they teach in undergraduate anthropology courses is that technology has a much broader definition than most believe. In our current society, technology is inevitably linked with computers, and almost always with communication. One almost never hears the idea of technology linked with, say, a toiletís flushing mechanism or a new garden shovel, but thatís part of it, too.

Stone tools represent the earliest technology developed by humans. Rocks with either naturally or intentionally sharpened edges made life much easier back in the day. May not seem that impressive in the context of where we are now, but at the time it was invaluable. As it turns out, those rocks were our first step towards the internet. So, whatís the classroom equivalent of stone tools?

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