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06 January 2005: The Anti-Robin Hood (4 of 4)

Someday I'll write more about the statistics on childhood asthma in California's ghettos and the distribution of unclean air in poor neighborhoods, and about the way sub-standard teaching practices in primary grades can be linked to crime and prison population. Someday I'll give more details about my colleage's struggle with rats, asbestos, rain, and armed police chases in the halls of her Oakland elementary school.

For now, my request to you is this: No matter what kind of public school is near you, go visit one in a different kind of neighborhood. I understand that these things must be seen to be believed. Before my teaching career, I didn't believe it myself.

I guarantee you'll find that $500 for every wealthy kid who does not go to kindergarten in Salt Lake City could be better spent.

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- Chinese proverb

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