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24 November 2004: Duct Tape and Other Disciplinary Measures (3 of 3)

Now, I don't want to sound unsympathetic to teachers who lose their patience. I only want to point out that there are exactly ZERO educational theorists who condone embarrassment as an acceptable way to manage students. In fact, it is exactly the opposite in most strategies. Teach students to be accepting and accepted. In this way, they will feel connected and responsible. I am surprised that this idea is obviously as foreign to parents as it is to many educators.

So, beyond that mushy humanist perspective, there are a few questions that need to be asked by the critical theorist. This is not ivory tower pontificating, just a few practical points that I think are worth consideration. Is it necessary for students to remain silent and/or seated during a keyboarding class? Is it acceptable for students' underwear to be hidden under their shirts, or will they learn better if it is hidden by their pants? Is an energetic student necessarily showing disrespect? Are current fashion trends preventing meaningful learning? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, you won't find duct tape doing anything in my classroom except holding the carpet down.

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