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16 November 2004: Bah Humbug (1 of 4)

Over the years, as my classroom got less homogeneous, I found myself getting less comfortable with holiday celebrations. I wasn't comfortable with the PC party line that instructed us to give equal time to Christmas and Hannukkah. I found that I and my students were ill-equipped to teach each other about Kwanzaa. Yet, that's what my colleagues were doing--the same tried (and tired) seasonal activities with different holidays attached to them. And, of course, the food. So, last year before school started, I decided I would take a stand. I actually sat down with a pen and paper, listed the reasons why I would no longer bring any holiday celebration into my classroom, and then listed the things we would do instead. I felt that if I took the time to organize my thoughts on this topic, then when a parent wanted to pressure me into allowing a party, I would be ready to state my position clearly. Now, though I don't know where those original notes are, I'll share my thoughts in hopes that my reputation as a humbug will be redeemed.

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